Saturday, October 22, 2011

I broke down and went on a diet

I hate diets. I love working out. I even like "watching what I eat," but the combo of those two were not working for me any more.

I was holding steady, but my weight was not where I wanted. I think it took the pictures of me after the ACFW conference for me to go, "Something's gotta change."

Counting calories wasn't working. I'd log my breakfast and forget about the rest of the day.

I was running and gyming but losing some momentum. A hot summer didn't help.

So, I decided to be radical. Do what I said I'd never do. Nooo, no lipo. Sheeze. I decided to try the HCGdiet.

A friend of ours from Texas stopped in for a quick visit a few Monday's ago. He told us how he lost 40 pounds. Intrigued, as I am about how people lose weight, I asked how he did it.

"HCGdiet," he said.

Oy! What's with the HCG diet? My sister lost on that diet. A dozen writers that I know. I've been watching them, especially Colleen Coble, for over two years. They lose it and pretty much keep it off. A friend at church is loosing very successfully on the diet.

I asked a lot of question of my friend. I emailed my writer friends who'd tried it. I Googled and looked online. Talked to my sister.

I really couldn't find anything negative about it. Other than it being a rapid weight system and keeping it off, the diet looked good.

Besides, the Biggest Loser candidates are losing five to ten pounds or more a week, right?

All weight lose requires maintenance. I have years of exercised muscle under this small load of extra weight. I just need to find it. :) Once I lose, I'm back to the gym routine.

I've been on the diet for nine days, seven of them eating a restricted calorie diet. I've lost ten pounds. I feel good, though weak at times. I'm hungry once in awhile -- in the "I could eat" kind of way. It feels like a fast.

I've heard people say the diet "reshapes" you, but I've looked better at the same weight. :) I know that's the exercise factor.

I feel good. I took my mom out to a scrumptious breakfast and while she ate eggs and home fries, and a yummy pile of French toast, I sipped iced tea sweetened with Stevia.

This feels like a fast. You know how after a few days, you're tad hungry but not dying, and you're motivated.

I have seventeen days to go. I hope to lose another ten pounds. We'll see. I'll be done and off maintenance by December which is birthday month and Christmas. Not that I can pig out! But I'll be able to enjoy the season.

Who knows, I might go for another ten pounds in the New Year. Though, I could easily employ the things I'm learning and doing now to lose that last ten.

I'll let you know if I recommend the diet when it's all said and done.


Colleen Coble said...

It's too early for the reshaping factor. :( That comes mostly in P3. You're doing great!

Rachel Hauck said...

Good to know! Thanks Colleen!

Chris Potash said...

I was intrigued so I checked out the website but I don't get it - do you just have drops as a meal or do the drops make you want to eat less?

Maybe I didn't go far enough in the site. How does it work?

PS - Good for you on your weight loss so far!

Rachel Hauck said...

Chris, you take the drops three times a day, then you eat afterwards. It's not "meal replacement."

The HCG causes your body to use stored fat. That's why you eat so little. Your body is still burning calories and using the fat to fuel itself.

You can't cheat or you'll gain! Because you're releasing fat if you eat too much or fats etc, your body gains.

It seems to be a pretty good diet. I'm not hungry. Not really craving anything. Mostly just miss the fun foods!!


mandy said...

Good, good luck on your diet. My brother did the HCG and it worked for him. My poor dog and I both need to lose a few, ( thankfully he needs to lose more than me). I told my husband we had started our new diet program.... we continue to eat as we please but just go on longer walks and enjoy the outdoors more. My husband calls it exercise - what a yucky word. So it is our new Diet!