Monday, March 15, 2010

Health Care Reform Bill is not really reform

The Health Care Bill now lumbering across capital hill is not reform. Please know this.

One, the taxes and fees go into effect immediately BUT you and I will not see services for 2 plus years. I can't remember if it's 2 or 3, maybe more, but we will be paying into it! What? Would you sign up and pay for any service that you couldn't access immediately. What if you bought cable but the provider didn't turn it on for two years? Only the U.S. Government could think of such a thing and only those who have agendas would vote for it.

Two, this bill now includes government take over of all student loans? How is that Health Care?

Three, the government programs already in place are already going bankrupt. The first thing the government will do with Health Care gets in trouble, and it will, is look for ways to save money. That won't mean cutting spending in other government arenas, but taking from you and me. More taxes, less services. More intrusive laws to keep us "healthy."

They'll tell us what to eat, when and where. How to exercise. How many children we can't have. Does this sound like the land of the FREE and home of the BRAVE? Be free! WE must take care of our own family. We must be brave and pay our own bills. Sell our cares if we have to, cut cable, get rid of the smart phone. Stop eating out so much. Be BRAVE and manage our own lives and stop expecting others to do it for us.

In Florida, a state legislator introduced a bill whereas teens under eighteen need parental consent to visit a tanning bed. The parent must show up to sign the form. Teens under fourteen wouldn't be allow to go at all. Why? Because these beds cause higher risk of melanoma in teens. YET, if fourteen year old girl wants to have an abortion, parents are not allowed to know. Want an abortion? No questions asked.

Can you imagine? This tanning bed law is just a hint of what is to come. We won't be able to use hair color or certain detergents because some lame brain study will show it could cause cancer. And don't we know how those studies "change" over the years?

When I was growing up the '70s the fear was Global Cooling. Now it's Global Warming. In the '90s, caffeine was the ill of society until Starbucks became the rage. I've heard so many ill-fated diet and health scares -- it's multi-billion dollar industry -- I laugh when I see new studies. Some of them are just ludicrous. I'm amazed at what thinking, intelligent people buy into.

1 Corinthians 1:20 "Where is the wise man? Where is the scribe? Where is the debater of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?"

The key to our success, even for minorities and the poor is to let each man see to his own house. Hand outs have not produced less poor. We've experimented with the Great Society for seventy years. It has only increased the welfare rolls.

If I eat too much fast food, never exercise and smoke like a chimney, that is not your responsibility. If you sleep around and get infected with any number of the hundreds of non curable diseases, that is NOT my responsibility. Even in the New Testament church, where they had all things in common, benefactors had to fit a certain criteria to receive aid.

Men had to work to provide for themselves or families. Paul encouraged the younger widows to marry. Only the truly poor and widows were served.

But do not be deceived, this bill is not about Health Care, it's about take over. It's about Marx and Mao, not Madison and Jefferson. The fundamental heart beat and structure of America is under assault.

I love my country. I love our freedoms. We are the greatest nation on earth. I don't want to go into my old age telling my nieces and nephews how it used to be, how it could've been.

It's been said by the core White House leaders and staff they want to fundamentally change America. Whether you voted for this president or not, I'm sure most of you do not want to fundamentally change America.


Anonymous said...

Well said, I completely agree!
stacey johnson

Sharon Hayes said...

I read the when you posted it but forgot to leave a comment - VERY WELL SAID!! Now the vote is over and we are on to new battles concerning the "health bill" - SOME HEALTH - more like DEATH BILL. More than every we will have to trust the Lord for our health/healing. Maybe that is what He is trying to bring us to.

Dan said...

Excellent post, Rachel. Are you a member of If you aren't yet, you really should check them out. They've got a fantastic system going, and have helped to win quite a few victories for smaller government over the last couple years. They're also NOT fear-mongers, which I really appreciate. The truth is scary enough these days without people hyping it even more--and they do a good job of showing the silver lining and not feeding into the frenzy that follows devastating events like the signing of the "health care" bill.