Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Five "New" People who touched my life in 2009

Two days before Christmas, I met my college friend Suzanne Brubaker (nee Cantwell) at a Starbucks south of Indianapolis.

We talked for 3.5 hours. Not having seen each other in 15 years or so, exchanging only Christmas and Birthday notes throughout the years, I was confident the young woman who impacted me during sorority rush 24 years ago would impact me that day.

She did. We had a blast. Meeting with her was some what of my Christmas present to myself. I looked forward to it about as much as Christmas morning. I was glad I took the time to contact her. Glad she could take the time from a busy Christmas schedule to meet me.

I felt full for the next day, having made a heart connection that had been ignored over the years. We talked about life, where we are now, what we want for the future. Spent only a few minutes rehashing college memories. It was good. One can only rehash college memories for so long.

Suzanne Brubaker touched my life in 2009.


Thomas Nelson contracted a new author I knew only via Twitter, Kimberly Cash Tate. We tweeted back and forth a bit before the Denver ACFW conference and I sensed a kindred spirit. I looked forward to meeting her. I was not disappointed. We hit it off, chatting while the servers cleared the lunch tables about politics and religion and the love of God. All those touchy subjects people tend to ignore.

Kim and I waded right in and flowed in the same stream. We both realized our idenity comes from Jesus and the Love He demonstrated by the Cross. Any differences in background, culture and history weren't all that magnified because we both found our core belief in Jesus. He is the one who brings up valleys and lowers mountains.

After meeting her, I was encouraged, edified and full. Kimberly Cash Tate touched my life in 2009.


I've known Chip MacGregor for several years through ACFW and my stints as president. Occassionally we'd exchange email barbs. He's an Oregon Ducks fan, I'm an Ohio State Buckeye. (The January 1st Rose Bowl will be the first real test in our relationship!)

In the middle of the year, the Lord began speaking to me about changes coming up in my career. Through a series of cool events, Chip became my agent in July. After a year and a half of off and on angst about my representation, walking in faith, trying to be bold and take chances, I could finally exhale in peace. I knew that I knew that I knew Chip MacGregor was my agent home.

Joy. Confidence. Rest. Simple. I felt full. Chip MacGregor touched my life in 2009.


Jenny B. Jones. What a cool name. An even cooler person. I'd know of Jenny through writerly circles and the fact she is another Thomas Nelson author, but it wasn't until we connected during the summer I really got to know her at any level. We chatted at the ACFW conference. We tweet back and forth. She's funny, clever and an all around unique individual that impressed me.

I was just laughing at some of her tweets and thought, "I'm glad to know her. She's brightened my life."

Jenny B. Jones touched my life in 2009.


RITA. Okay, so the RWA RITA Award is not technically a person. She's named after a person, but the Award is merely a gold statue. One I don't have on my shelf even though I was an award nominee. Accepting the award on behalf of my writing partner and great friend Susan May Warren was a highlight of my year. God answered my prayer to sincerely love and appreciate the winner. Yes, ladies and gents, I wanted to win. I prayed to win.

While I didn't take home the golden statue, I took home the winning of answered prayer. God deposited a joy in my heart that cannot be destroyed. Or gather dust. When I called Susie to tell her she won, the words, "I didn't win, you did," still bring tears to my eyes.

God specifically sent me to the conference by providing the money to go -- in a month! I registered in faith, feeling I was to attend. Then the money came.

If God provided for me to go, didn't that mean I was to win? Yes. But not the RITA. Something deeper in my heart that comes from genuine joy and love for the one who did win.

It's the scriptual admonition of esteeming others higher than oursevles. And God supernaturally brought me to a place I couldn't have achieved on my own. Yes! Amen.

The RITA Award touch my life in 2009.


Naturally others have touched my life this year. These are merely the new or reconnect ones.

My hubby continues to be a major force in my life. My writing partner and friend extraordinaire, Susie May. My editor, Ami McConnell continues to impact me. My Mom. My sister, Rebekah Gunter. My church family. The women of my Tuesday night Dream Team! Love you all. My Kansas City family: Stuart and Esther, and Cassie. My Melbourne/Palm Bay friends and family. My brothers! My writing friends! You know who y'all are.

Joan. The Gonda's. Carrie. My teenage best friend, Lorena Sikking. It was great to be in touch with her this year. My sorority "big" sister Tish Patton and I talked in January for over an hour!

Ack, if I start, I won't be able to stop.

I am blessed. How about you? Did you meet or reconnect with someone in 2009?


Lindsey Nobles said...

What a fun post Rachel. Love seeing how you have connected with other Thomas Nelson authors.

Wishing you a wonderful 2010.

Rachel Hauck said...

Thanks Lindsey. I realized when I was writing it how many Thomas Nelson authors bless my life: Colleen Coble, Denise Hunter, Lisa Samson...

Have a GREAT New Year!


Jenny B. Jones said...

Wow, thanks Rachel. This blew me away. I'm the blessed one to have gotten to know you this year. Thanks so much for your writing help, your encouragement, and your Godly example.

Julie Anne Fidler said...

I, too, made some precious new friends this year. Sometimes when I look at how many awesome people God has put in my life, it overwhelms me. He has created a second little family for me!

Sharon Hayes said...

What a beautiful blog Rachel - I really feel i don't deserve to be named among these wonderful people.

Rachel Hauck said...

You always bless me mom! Looking forward to a great 2010 for you!