Saturday, May 23, 2009

Never fear, God is here!

In between collaborating on books with Sara Evans, I am working on my own book. It's a funny, yet poignant story... naturally.

Every time I go to work on a book, I meet someone or see something that is right in line with what I'm working on. Here's what I mean.

When I started the first Nashvegas book, Lost In Nashvegas, the angle was redneck chick lit. I mused over what kind of story I could write, pondering if I could even come up with a redneck chick story. One night at our Fire Dweller prayer meeting, I pondered the idea further, praying, asking God for direction and when I looked up, there was a kid standing in front of me wearing a t-shirt with a redneck joke on the back.

During the writing of Diva Nashvegas, I struggled to find details on exactly why an artist and a label would clash. All I could find in my research was artist and label clas on "creative differences." Okay, but what kind of creative differences? I needed details! I couldn't create a believable dialog with: "We have creative differences." Blah.

I also struggled how to structure the interview style of the story.

Out of the blue I came across a book, Conversations with Tom Petty. Not only did it give me the idea of how to format the interview portion, but Tom talked in detail about his riff with his record company! What a relief.

Shortly after, I found an online forum where a man in the know, gave me even more details.

When I worked on The Sweet By and By with Sara, I met a woman at a wedding rehearsal dinner who was raised by hippie parents! Exactly what I needed for our character, Jade.

So, yesterday while musing over this new book, a new friend posted on my Facebook wall. I thought, "Ask him if he wants to brainstorm with you."

Sure enough, he did. Thank you Torry Martin. Little did I know, he attended culinary school! Exactly what I needed for this book! Not to mention he's creative and really funny.

Hubby shook his head when I told him. "This happens every book," he said.

God is so good. If you doubt, don't. Look what He does for me. He'll do the same if not more for you.

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Rachel said...

So cool. I'm a violinist who records a lot in Nashvegas. :)