Saturday, October 04, 2008

It's football Saturday and...

... I don't have Direct TV or any TV any more.

We killed the cable.

Sigh, exhale, sigh.

I do miss it today though 'cause I love college football and the Buckeyes play Wisconsin today. But the noise of entertainment was growing too loud in our souls.

Tony said to me, "I think I'm okay watching shows, (he likes Sci Fi) but how do I know it's not desensitizing our hearts in ways we're not aware of."

Notice how he always rains down a holiness point right in the middle of a flesh feast? :)

I'm not against television and movies, or college football, but we want to guard our affections. Bring down the outer noise and see if the still small voice of God isn't whispering something we can't hear because our souls are tuned to entertainment.

And really, is there ANY place more out of touch than Hollywood? I'm tired of them trying to tell me how to feel and believe, claiming to be more than they are to society.


It'll take a bit to get used to, but we've lived without a television before. And now there are so many shows on DVD we can just rent them and watch when it's convenient.

Besides, I have a book to write! It's due Nov 1 and I deleted 15K words this week, probably more but I won't admit it to myself for fear of tears and panic.

When that book is turned in, I have to start my own, stand alone book we want to release in the midst of the these other books I'm writing with someone.

So, I don't need television at the push of a button.

In other business, like music, you must get the Alisha Powell CD "Consider." It is AMAZING, fantastic, beautiful, fun, worshipful! She's been a worship leader in the International House of Prayer-KC for about ten years and her internship in humility, leading but not being recognized, learning to wait for her day to record shows in her music. I can't recommend it enough.

So, back to football. I can watch the game at the local Beef O'Brady's. ;D

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Tracy Ruckman said...

Excellent post. You and Tony have put into words some of my own feelings and thoughts of the past year.

We "kicked the dish" but we're still able to watch with an antenna. We're slowly weaning ourselves off completely (Bama football is one of our weaknesses!) and the dtv conversion will be the end.

I love your comment about the noise of entertainment growing too loud in our souls - lately I've been so overly sensitive to noise - at the same time that I'm losing some of my hearing. Your comment made me realize the sensitivity may be to my spirit, rather than to my ears.


O...H...I...O! Go Buckeyes!!
and of course

You are a blessing.