Saturday, June 07, 2008

Abortion numbers outweigh men and women lost in war

Since 9-11, six thousand Americans have died: 3K in the towers. 3K fighting to preserve freedom.

In the meantime, 5 million babies have been aborted. Babies with a life and destiny someone didn't think mattered.

Evil perpetuates when good men and women do nothing.

Since Row v. Wade, more babies have been killed by abortion than the men and women lost in all the wars since the 19th Century.

Abortion is not a woman's right. It's murder. Let's not call it anything else and save our women from further degradation.

Grace, grace to those who've fell victim to the lies.


Sharon Hayes said...

The comparison of these figures are astounding!! We've got to get the facts out in front of people somehow.

Thanks Rach, love ya :o)

Susan said...

Amazing statistics.

Barb said...

It's shocking to see the numbers laid out like this, Rachel.

Truly, this message needs to be seen.

thisgirlsjourney said...

Just this week a judge in my country has damned abortion law and said that it's a farce basically. Here you are not meant to have one unless there will be "extreme physical or mental danger to the mother". It's bringing up some interesting debates as most abortions probably aren't actually legal. In a country of just over 4 million people we had over 18 000 abortions last year.

Tiff (Amber Miller) Stockton said...

Wow! I missed this one. Amazing stats. Roe v. Wade itself was a farce, and the woman involved even disagreed before the final decision was reached. But, nothing could be done by then. (sigh)

We're making strides again in the right direction. If a pregnant woman is killed, it's considered double homicide, for her and for the baby. Two lives. That's a BIG forward step.

Here's to overturning that decision.

And echoing Rachel's prayer of grace on the millions who have fallen prey to the lies.

KathyS. said...

My boss says that it's impossible to be a one issue voter. I am that impossible figure. If a candidate, or anyone in their camp, is "pro-choice" then I am definitely "anti" them. I know that the economy is important. I know that people are starving. I also know that some of those aborted babies might have held the solution in their tiny hands.

Thank you for sharing your feelings. I salute you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rachel for your concern for our posterity. My wife has worked for the pro-life cause for 30+ years, and yes, there are babies alive thanks to her efforts, and the softened hearts of those pregnant women. God can truly reach out if a heart is prepared. God Bless, Robert