Thursday, May 22, 2008

What I've been up 2

So, you're wondering, "Rach, do you blog any more or are we just supposed to imagine what your life is all about?"

No indeedy, you're not. Please don't. I'm blogging, see, I'm blogging.

I've been busy, too. Working on a new synopsis for next book, working title Dining with Joy. How do you like it?

I'm reviving my celebrity "chef" idea. Only she's not so much a chef... Stay tuned. Susie Warren and I really hashed out the story this week with me pausing to get input from the lovely and gracious Ami McConnell, editor extraordinaire.

Tonight we had this whole story worked out, Suz and I giving each other a thousand mile apart high fives when I go, "Wait, we can't do that scenario. I've already done it."

I took a break to think and asked the Lord for an idea and ta-da, it came! God is so good. Called Suz to run it by her, check for holes, then called Ami and she said, "Sounds good. I like it." And I'm off to rework the synopsis. Yay!

Note to all you writers out there. If you are reworking a story from a previous synopsis. Don't. Just start over. It's too hard to reset the tone of the new or modified work. The more you try to edit from an existing synopsis, the more convoluted the story becomes.


Fire Dweller prayer was fab tonight. I love, love leading worship with Javier. We get this rhythm going, back and forth with antiphonal songs, weaving them in with the prayers being offered.

He was doing some jazzy stuff on the guitar tonight that was really good. He's so incredibly talented.

I love the flow of the Spirit between us. And that he's a good friend, a true brother.


Off to bed with a growling stomach, but I weigh in tomorrow for Weight Watchers. Must be good.


I love my husband. He's the absolute best. Just felt like adding that line on tonight. I can't begin to put into words what an amazing man he is. I am so very grateful to the Lord for him!


Sharon Hayes said...

Been missing your blogs - glad to hear you and Susie worked out the synopsis on your next book.

I'll keep praying for you as you write this book.

Love Mom

Rhonda said...

Love the title Rachel! Weight watchers huh? I've been trying to do WW too.

Sounds like you and Susan are a great writing team! Looking forward to reading the new book.


Rel said...

Gotta love the title - it's my middle name - LOL!!!